70% of in-store sales due to online research. Are you ready?


According to the latest marketing research, over 70% of all in store retail purchases will be due directly to online research done by consumers. This is up from 50% in 2015 and it seems safe to say that the numbers will soon grow to 100% in the next couple of years. Are you ready for this? Is your SEO marketing engine out there making sure that you are seen?

In addition, ecommerce sales are expected to surge nearly 20% again this year between November 1 and the end of the year. The conversation and the research with consumers is happening in search and in social media. In addition, mobile apps are beginning to play a larger and larger role in purchasing, especially in retail. The challenge for you and your SEO marketing efforts will be to get those customers focused on you. The challenge is to get those fragmented demographics hearing your voice and seeing your brand.

  • Start targeting your content toward your products right now. Customers are already researching the content they want regarding future purchases. Stay on top of the current trends and make sure that your brand, and your products, are right there in the trending mix. Get them talking about your content and get them sharing it.
  • Research shows that consumers will engage with a huge amount of content as they wind their way toward the trends they are interested in and the products they are looking to purchase. Make sure your content, your products, your brand,┬áis in their mix. You need to target your SEO as well as your content to what is trending right now and pay close attention to what will be trending in the near future.
  • Retail research is revealing that people begin to think and search for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals anywhere from two weeks to a month before the sales events actually happen. You need to be in the mix and you need to be creating the buzz long before you expect people to buy online or visit your store.
  • The key, of course, is staying in the flow of what is trending at the moment and to be doing your due diligence to what is coming up. Your search has to be targeted and your content has to be re-targeted if you want to stay in the game this holiday season.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer