Are your content and SEO working together?

z111 Search engine marketing is crucial to the survival of your business these days. You know that. But, do you know how critical it is that your content works in harmony with your SEO marketing efforts? Your content; articles, images and video, must all work together in conjunction with your other SEO strategies to create ultimate visibility.

  • You must establish goals for your SEO and content as well as have a way to measure the success of those goals. What, exactly, do you want your content to do in regard to your overall SEO marketing strategies? Is to drive traffic? Build links? Set up your key indicators for measurement, also. These should include such things as your traffic, your conversion rates as well as how often your content is shared, customer engagement and how effective your calls to action are.
  • All of your content must be SEO optimized for further success and you must know who your potential customers are. You need to know them by interest and demographics. You must know where they are and how you are going to get to them. Keywords and long tail keyword efforts need to be held to a minimum for the search engines to find you favorable. Keyword density should be kept in the 1%-2% range to be the most effective.
  • Research your keywords for those action oriented ones that will be the most helpful in driving traffic. You must, also, be building links to credible sites. Both of these will greatly add to your SEO marketing efforts and will bring the most positive results. Through quality link building your content gets out to a variety of new markets where your most likely customers will come from.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer