Is your brand consistent across all of your platforms?


Is your brand consistent across all of your social media platforms? Is everyone out in social media land getting the same message about you and your company? You can’t leave anything to chance these days. Especially contact and engagement with customers or clients. Every single interaction must count for something. Every contact must drive traffic and sales.

  • Recent research has declared that customers are leaving those brands where the customer isn’t finding a consistent and clear message wherever the company is encountered online. It’s all about the feel. That has always been the key ingredient to any successful advertising and SEO marketing program. Get them to feel good about your company and its products and services. It’s all about the love.
  • Your mission statement must be out there everywhere and in force. Also the customer, the client, they are the center of attention in that mission statement. They are the star of the show. It is, really, after all, all about them.
  • Do your customers know how you think and feel about them? Nearly 65% of customers, in much if the latest research, state, time and time again, that they will follow a brand that most comes closest to their way of looking at life. If you are in line with their principles, then you will have customers for life.
  • Your word must be good. If you make a value statement, if you make a promise you had better deliver on it. If you don’t, word will get around quickly and you may as well close the door and go and see if the local supermarket needs help. What you are promising when people come to your brand has to seem real and credible to them. If they buy, they want your promise of value to be the reason and they want it to be there after the sale.
  • Keep the voice of your company consistent throughout all of your SEO marketing and branding efforts. Are you breezy and conversational? Are you more formal and straightforward? Whatever voice you decide upon, your visitors need to hear that everywhere they go and encounter your brand.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer