By the way, social media users hate this…

z125 Social media is here to stay. In fact, recent marketing research has revealed that social media is now the number one online activity for people everywhere. More people spend more time on their social media channels than they do with email or texting. At least 80% of all small businesses worldwide have integrated social media platforms into their overall online marketing strategies and are using them to drive traffic and increase their conversions. There are certain strategies and habits that many small business have fallen into, however, that are actually driving followers away in droves.

  •  While the basic ABC’s (Always Be Closing) sales strategy may always be working for entrepreneurs and sales staff that are deep in the trenches, it, most assuredly, doesn’t work on social media platforms, especially Facebook. Too many companies post to social media only when they feel it is time to promote or sell something. Their social media presence is always focused on the sale when it should be focused on driving traffic. This is the number one reason people are not following you. They want engagement not a constant sales pitch.
  • Another way to alienate your followers and get unfriended quickly is to continue to post the same thing everywhere and do it multiple times in a day. It is annoying and alienating your audience. Staying relevant to your message and your company is critical to maintaining an audience. Posting shared content that is irrelevant to what you do is useless because it doesn’t focus on why users should be clicking over to your site. How will you add value to their lives?
  • How interesting are you really? Lack of original and engaging content causes users to flee. They can probably get that anywhere so why should they bother with you? Engage them. Tell them a story. Make them care about who you are and why they need to use your products or services.
  • Not having a plan and not engaging with people online at the social media sites instantly guarantees that you will have no following at all. Social media marketing is critical to your overall business survival today. It is designed to drive traffic. You must engage with everyone. Answer their questions and ask questions back; get a dialogue going. They want to know they are talking with a friend, with someone they feel they know and can trust.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer