Some early signs that your social media effort isn’t working


The challenge for every business, regardless of size, is visibility and name recognition. That’s why you advertise. That’s why you have a SEO marketing plan in place. That’s why you have a social media marketing effort going. You also know that these efforts are not an instant gratification situation. You know that it’s a marathon and not a sprint.

Still, you seem to be getting bogged down with your social media marketing. You sense something isn’t quite right. Your social media marketing isn’t driving the traffic you are expecting it to drive. So, what is it that seems to be causing you to just be doing the proverbial wheel spinning in the mud of the social media platforms?

  • You’re not posting enough content and you’re not posting it at the most opportune times. As you gather followers and drive some traffic, you begin to be followed. You are building your brand awareness and your reputation as an authority. The more you post the better opportunity you have in which to engage potential customers and drive them to your website. Posting something once a month will not do it. Attention spans are quite small these days. You will be quickly forgotten and will have to begin all over again.
  • Timing, as usual, is everything. Where is your potential audience? When are they out there on your social media platforms? Having an automatic update at Midnight is not helpful if your demographic is looking for you at 9AM. Vary your postings for the customers you are trying to drive and find what is giving you the most engagement and the most traffic.
  • You are not impressing anyone. No one is remembering you. Basic advertising and marketing states that they must see you around seven times before your name begins to stay with them. You need more engaging content. What you are putting out there simply isn’t getting them excited. It isn’t motivating them to action.
  • You don’t have enough visuals and you’re not bringing any added value into their lives. You need visual content like pictures, infographics and video. Out on Twitter, content with visuals gets 150% more engagement than those without and the standard for visual content is that you will get 95% more engagement at the other platforms if you are using visual content. Finally, your not adding value for them. You are not engaging them with buying decision information they need. You are not solving a problem for them.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer