Your future is here and it’s in everyone’s hands


The destiny of your company it seems, is now out of your hands. Where is it? It is in the well over 90% of the American population that owns a smart phone. Need to know a few more stats than that? Well, recent marketing research has discovered that over 60% of all searches are done on a mobile device. It is the first time mobile search has overtaken both desktop and laptop search. What seems even more astonishing is that nearly 40% of all Facebook users are entirely mobile.

What’s more is that research has found that the average cell phone user actually checks their phone an average of 221 times every day! This is no longer a trend but a new way of life and a new way of search that is here to stay. If you are not optimized for mobile use yet, you are so far behind you might never catch your rivals. Earlier this year, in March, Google released new search protocols designed especially for mobile search. If you are not optimized for mobile, you chances of coming up in a mobile search now is almost zero.

If you are not optimized for mobile you need to start doing it today. This is no haphazard affair. It is likely you will need much professional help to get the site to look right. If it doesn’t display properly for mobile use your reputation, and your traffic will suffer. Your site must function properly on all types of computer systems.

As always, your content needs to be compelling and as unique as possible. You must forge separation and distinction from your competitors and the search itself is still the key to rankings so pay attention to your keywords and phrases. When you include video and images, they must be of the highest quality and resolution. There are no shortcuts in your long term SEO strategy. It is a daily and long time commitment. You can bet your competitors are doing it.

Finally, there is no substitute for vigilance and testing. You must be constantly running A/B tests to improve your SEO and you must be evaluating your entire website on a daily basis. What is not working for you, toss it. You should eventually get to the place where everything is connecting for you and your customers.

Just remember that it all starts with that smart phone in someone’s hand who happens to be looking to buy what you are selling.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer