Get personal with your mobile marketing or get trashed

z201Mobile marketing is here and it will be here for a long time to come. What research and data is beginning to reveal is that your mobile marketing needs to get as personal as possible. If not, you are headed straight for the trash bin.

  •  This past April, the Interactive Advertising Bureau released data signaling that digital advertising has now surpassed television advertising. More and more brands, and companies, are spending greater portions of their marketing budgets online and on mobile.
  • The data suggests that because there is more analytical data available, mobile and online marketing has maneuvered itself to the point where it can react almost immediately to a particular trend or development.
  • Research consistently shows that potential customers are paying attention to marketing that is being brought to their mobile devices. They are prepared to be engaged. The problem is, most brands and company’s are not engaging. They are simply throwing things at the proverbial wall and are seeing if anything actually sticks.
  • Recent marketing research provided by a national mobile marketing firm has revealed that customer engagement via mobile devices is leaving much to be desired. A recent survey of around 1200 people provided some rather compelling stats.
  • While nearly 70% said that they had received marketing from a particular brand in the recent past, less than half (46%) found the ads to be of any use or relevance to them at all. Another 60% received advertising from at least ten companies every month.
  • While companies try to engage, they will find a receptive audience if the ads get personalized. Nearly half of the 1,200 surveyed stated that they “liked” a particular brand on Facebook and that they were willing to receive further marketing info and offers from a particular company.
  • The huge majority of respondents found most of the marketing sent their way had no relevance to them, didn’t offer them something they valued, and that most of the ads lacked credibility on the level of traditional spam.

The final tipping point was that well over 40% of the respondents said that they would welcome brand messages if there were incentives to do so. The greatest incentives out there right now are coupons and discounts.

So, the next time you crank up your marketing for a mobile campaign, understand who you targets are, invite them in with some manner of incentive, and give them a reason to allow you to come back and build your brand with them.