The Best Equation for Blog Traffic

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The internet is a wide and varied place and there are many, many blogs out there already. It can be hard to drive traffic to your blog but a good mix of Facebook and using a search engine like Google can really help boost the traffic you want. Here is how Facebook and Google are the perfect match in making your blog a hit online.

Facebook: You may think that getting traffic from Facebook is easier than trying to use SEO to boost your blog, and with over 1 billion active users on the site, this notion would tend to be supported. But the trick is in knowing how to tap into that massive base of users.

The first step is having a Facebook page for your blog. This can help you by getting likes for your page, as your likes build, the amount of people coming to your page will increase. If your blog posts are popular enough, they’ll get reposted to friends and friends of friends who will read your content.

Facebook has its limits though, as it is a good place to promote your blog, but not a good place to post your blog due to the social nature of the site.

Adding Google to the Mix: Google adds a new level of traffic for your blog but you have to know how to use Google efficiently in order to get that traffic.

We all know people go to Google to search for information and that websites on the first page of those return results are normally visited by the majority of those users. Your goal with a blog is to get ranked well enough to make it to that first page. Google rewards blogs with higher rankings if they have an influence on social media.

This is where using Facebook comes in. If your blog page becomes popular on Facebook and it’s helping generate traffic to your blog, then your page will get ranked higher on Google’s results.

It’s important to establish yourself on Facebook in order to have a presence in the search engine world as well. This will increase your blog’s online influence which will increase traffic for you.