Why isn’t your mobile more mobile?

If you have yet to understand the critical importance of mobile marketing to the future of your company then now may be the time to do so. It has slowly but surely come to dominate search and looks to grow steadily over the next few years. As of right now, mobile search accounts for around 60% of all online searches and that doesn’t look to lessen anytime soon.

While consumers are on their mobile devices, especially their phones, about 60% of the time they are online, companies and marketers are only spending about 15% of their marketing budgets on mobile marketing according to some recent research at Entrepreneur magazine. Why is that? Are American companies and businesses that far behind the current curve? Why are they throwing 85% of their marketing budget at desktops when 60% of their potential business is mobile? In addition, the current conversion rate for mobile stands at 64% according to recent research at Entrepreneur magazine. Here are some additional research stats you may not be aware of:

  • Around 80% of mobile users watch video on their mobile devices while only 60% are watching videos on their desktops. App based marketing has begun to become significant as over 80% of mobile users are engaged with some manner of app. By the end of 2018 there will be around 2.2 billion mobile users around the world. This could have significant implications for your email marketing efforts.
  • It is an opportunity to send out blasts and and campaigns based on some rather creative and out of the box thinking. The Red Roof Inn company ran such a campaign and called it “stranded at the airport” and found that their bookings jumped over 60%. Home Depot has begun publishing self help videos on YouTube and they are averaging over 40 million views a year. Even WalMart started tweeking its mobile codes and fonts and managed to reduce their mobile website loading time from over seven seconds to just 2.3 seconds. How can you adapt these winning strategies to your business?
  • Two of every three minutes someone spends online they are using a mobile device. That is a dominant stat you just can’t ignore. Is your mobile marketing strategy actually mobile enough? The future of mobile devices is right now so re-visit your marketing strategies and see where you can put more resources into mobile.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer