AdSense just may make sense for your site if…

z180 Looking to possibly incorporate an AdSense campaign at your site that will help your search engine optimization efforts? This could be a solid and long term passive revenue stream for you but you need to do it right. There are certain Google rules and protocols in place that you will ignore at your own doom.

  • Your search engine optimization efforts are, hopefully, being handled by a professional firm that is experienced in this complicated and long term endeavor. Trying to do it yourself is far too time consuming and labor intensive. Also, trying to stay up with Google’s search engine optimization changes is like a CPA trying to stay abreast of the latest tax changes.
  • There are many search engine optimization strategies you must avoid such as cloaking, title stacking and, of course, keyword stuffing. Let’s assume you have a solid and above board and Google compatible website. Perhaps you are looking to attract a certain revenue stream. AdSense just may make sense for you to do. Hosting AdWords campaigns will also be a huge boost for your search engine optimization efforts.
  • Some sites tend to bury their AdSense ads by making them the same color as a particular background on a particular page. Others tend to place them down lower on pages away from their content. This will kill your SEO and infuriate Google. Why some companies do this is beyond understanding. You will still make money on an AdSense page view but you stand to make more is a user actually clicks on it.
  • Another rookie mistake that many make is to have someone who just keeps clicking on the AdSense ads that are on your site. Google is quite adept at uncovering this type of ad fraud. The answer is simple. Don’t cheat. Cheaters always pay in the end and it will be a long slow slog toward trying to reestablish your search engine optimization if Google has flagged you for an infraction.
  • Don’t venture in and change or alter the code on any of your AdSense ads. It is not necessary as Google generates its own HTML for the ads. Besides, as a small business owner, don’t you have enough to do? Also, don’t get the brainstorm of just setting up sites and pages just so you can fill them with AdSense ads. This, too, is frowned upon greatly.

In the end, your AdSense venture will make sense for you as consistent and long term revenue can be had and it will greatly assist your search engine optimization efforts. The best way to stay on top of your SEO is to concentrate on creating sparkling and engaging content. Content marketing is still your best bet for improved SERP results.