Attracting new customers takes a coordinated effort

One of the greatest challenges for any business, especially a startup or a small business, is attracting customers. You need customers and clients to survive and grow. Without them, you have no reason to keep on being a company. Driving your growth, constantly attracting new customers and clients, takes a concentrated and coordinated effort. Your SEO marketing efforts will play a big role but you need to start at the beginning.

  • z555 Getting new customers, and keeping the ones you have, is an investment. It is an investment of your time and your resources and it all starts with your website. Few business owners can understand everything and most small business owners fail to understand the importance of their website. There is a subtle science to it. Shapes, colors, placement of text, what the text says; is all critical to your website’s effectiveness.
  • For your site to work you need to keep a few things in mind. It must be fast. Your site must load within four seconds or you’re wasting your effort and time. If it loads slower than that, people will click away. This will be a critical factor in the success of your future SEO marketing. Also, you have less than fifteen seconds to keep them there and drive them toward an action. That is all design strategy. Your design needs to be current but needs to be effective also. Just because your site might look good to you, doesn’t mean it’s effective with regard to turning traffic into conversions.
  • You must have responsive design incorporated so that you will display properly on mobile devices. The numbers of people relying strictly on tablets and cell phones to do business and research have become staggering.
  • You must stand out from the proverbial crowd. What makes you so special? Why do people need to buy from you and not your competitors? If you don’t know, you had best figure it out. Your brand sends a message. It is a mindset and a philosophy. Your customers must know how you will solve a problem, make them feel good, or bring added value to their lives. If you are not doing these things, and communicating it effectively, you need to start over.
  • If you want customers, you need to be customer centric. Your customer service and interactions must be all about them. You must be proactive all of the time. You must be chasing them and driving them all of the time. Show empathy for them, help them make things better for themselves, be helpful, and, above all, show them the true appreciation that they deserve. Do these things and you will have customers for life.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer