Are you driving the right traffic? Are you sure?

Attracting the right kind of traffic, the right potential customer, to your site is the point of it all, isn’t it? Too often small businesses get all caught up in volume and the accumulation of “likes” and “friends”. All of this is no good to you if they are not the customers you are looking for, the kind of traffic that turns into conversions. So, how can you tell if you are driving the right type of traffic?

  • One of the amazing recent findings in research done at Entrepreneur magazine discovered that 100% of conversions from driven traffic came from just a mere six percent of the keywords used. It seems that volume keywords just may not be targeting the right audience you need. You need to refine your keywords and phrases and you need to track the ones that are, not only driving traffic to your site, but traffic that is buying once they get there.
  • Driving the right traffic will, of course, cut your costs dramatically with regard to your SEO and general online marketing strategies. Follow your data closely for both social media and PPC campaigns. See how many clicks are turning into conversions and why they are turning. Tracking your keywords and conversions, as well as continuing with your A/B testing, should start driving the traffic you need to improve both your SEO and your conversion rate.
  • This all will, of course, take some time and effort and your true results will only really come from testing the traffic that you want to drive. The key needs to be the fact that you have a firm hand on your demographics. It means that you have a complete profile on the type of customer or client you need to visit your site. In addition, you have discovered where this particular demographic tends to go online and you have tailored your SEO marketing efforts accordingly. Continuing to test all of the traffic that has been coming in will not produce the refined results you are looking for because there are too many visitors who shouldn’t really be there.
  • Doing this traffic optimization now will save you time and money down the road and will allow you to build a system that you can continue to successfully employ or years to come.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer