How goes your inbound marketing?

z197 Inbound marketing can play a key role in your overall online marketing strategy. What exactly is inbound marketing? It is the use of various outlets such as social media, blogs, video, webinars, and email campaigns to drive traffic to your site. One of the major advantages of the online marketing strategy of inbound marketing is that your costs are almost zero. It just takes some time and some planning.

  •  Establishing a blog is one of the fastest and most effective ways to drive traffic to your site. Your content needs to sparkle. It needs to be authoritative and informative. Publishing frequently promotes you as an authority on what you do and what you sell. In addition, it is an important way to establish and maintain your search rankings due to certain keyword use. This is a must strategy in your online marketing execution.
  • In the same vein, establishing yourself as an expert on what you do can be tremendously enhanced by having your writings published at other relevant sites. There is a plethora of blog sites that love to accept guest articles. Post frequently, establish your credibility, and watch your traffic numbers soar. This is an online marketing strategy that never fails.
  • Get active at your social media sites. Focus on your profiles at such places as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Have your fifteen second sales pitch firmly entrenched within the body of your profile and create a link to your site. Drive traffic and save money. All it takes is a little ingenuity and time to boost your online marketing efforts.
  • Make sure you are publishing any stellar reviews and comments you have received from clients and former clients. The impact will be immediate. Most people, when online, are greatly swayed by peer reviews and opinions. Just look what they do for movie trailers. Also, don’t ignore your overall success. When you have accomplished and achieved certain successes, let the world know all about them at your site. It is less bragging and more informing your potential customers that you are not only competent but you exceed expectation.

Your online marketing strategy needs to include inbound marketing. It can be one of the most effective and inexpensive ways to drive traffic and boost conversions.