Increase your online conversions with subtle psychological strategies

z146 As your SEO strategies continue drive traffic to your site, how effective is your site or your landing pages with regard to sales? The only reason you are driving traffic to your site is to make conversions. Your business is not a hobby, it’s a business. So, how can you more effectively convert those potential customers who show up?

  •  Your call to action is, of course, critical to your success. You must make them want to buy your product or service and you must make them want to buy it right now. One of the most subtle, yet highly effective ways, to do that is to re-tool your call to action button.
  • A bright, loud color works the best as studies have routinely shown that loud colors immediately draw the eye and allow the brain to decipher meaning and context almost immediately. A bright red “buy now” button is far more effective for you than one than is, say, navy blue or even black. Red is, perhaps, the best to use because people are accustomed to drawing meaning from red in a sales context. Red nearly always indicates “sale” such as “red tag sale”. In addition, research reveals that the color red makes people more alert and sends a momentary rush of adrenaline poising them for action.
  • Calling further attention to your call to action button by the use of arrows and other graphics will allow it to further bring attention to itself. As your landing page sales text begins to draw them in, a photo of someone, or a group, actually focusing their attention on your button will boost conversions. The human eye is immediately drawn to the visual so use those visuals to move them forward toward pulling the trigger on the sale.
  • Give them something for free for buying now. There must be a sense of immediacy for them to act now. You must let them know that your offer is time sensitive and they will lose an opportunity if they wait even a moment longer. Limited time and limited product will subtly induce them to click. Also, telling them that the price will soon go up as well as hammering home the benefits and value of your product or service will add to those clicks. After all, no one wants to miss out on a deal.

– Written by Kevin Sawyer