These marketing mistakes are costing you conversions


Most marketing, and especially SEO marketing, campaigns are destroyed from the inside out. Many small companies simply fail to realize that they are making some crucial mistakes which are causing them to lose time money and conversions.

Perhaps the most vital mistake that companies are making is that they really don’t know who their customers are. They have no sense of their target audience and where they can find them. If you don’t know who is going to buy your products or services, and you don’t know how to craft a marketing campaign to reel them in, then you may not be around for much longer.

Every SEO marketing campaign is an ongoing and living thing. It shifts and it changes according to your feedback and data. However, if you are not examining the correct statistics, not using the right metrics, your campaign will quickly go off the tracks. If the campaign is simply focused in boosting sales, then you need to look at your conversion and click through rates. If you want to measure your brand awareness, then you need to be focused on your visits and audience growth stats as well as your overall engagement numbers.

You must advertise. If you are not advertising in the right places, your SEO marketing campaign is going down. Many of the social media sites have excellent advertising programs where you can directly target those who are in your favored demographic. Even a quick PPC campaign will get things jump started for you. You must also track every profit margin. You must know how much it is costing you to secure that conversion. If you don’t know, your money is just flying out the window.

One of the final things that companies just don’t look for in their SEO, and overall marketing efforts, is the people they have involved. You must have the right and experienced people in place so that the success of their performances can be measured. If you don’t have the people, either go and get them or hire out a firm that specializes in SEO marketing campaigns. It will be an investment in your future that will end up bringing you the returns that you want.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer