Men & women are not the same when it comes to social media and mobile use

Happy Couple in Sunglasses having fun on the BeachMen and women are surely different in most ways despite what the mainstream media might infer. The genders view the world differently and tend to think about things differently. This has been brought home by some recent research coming out of Nielsen and Pew Research. The findings are significant with regard to how men and women view and use social media and mobile communications. Entrepreneurs and brand managers should be taking notes.

  • One thing both men and women tend to see the same is in relationship to social media advertising and marketing. Both gender’s find those ads that employ humor to be the most effective.
  • While both will use social media and mobile for business about equally, men tend to prefer social media for dating and striking up a connection at twice the pace women prefer. Women use it less so for immediate contact and prefer to use it to establish and nurture relationships as well as to share aspects of their lives and other interests.
  • Women are much more likely to use mobile and social media to stay in contact with family, friends, and other loved ones. Both access helpful information as well as entertainment sources about equally.
  • Men want their deals and coupons quickly and easily without much interaction and are far more likely (65%-39%) to actually scan a coupon and use it. Women prefer interaction. The desire to connect and follow a brand on a longer term basis is more prominent with them. If women like and trust your brand, they will be far more loyal to you than men. For men, it more of a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately outlook regarding social media advertising.
  • Both genders tend not to pay too much attention to an ad displayed at a social media site though women ignore them slightly more often than men. The same is true for an ad that is sent as a text. Again, women tend to ignore them more often than the men do but not by much.
  • How your ads are targeted on social media has a huge impact on the audience you will draw in. Both genders enjoy humor, endorsements, and good reviews. They both also enjoy inspirational themes as well as those ads that they perceive will add value to their lives.
  • The similarities end there, of course. Men prefer action, cars, sex and sports while women lean toward sentiment, family, pets and children, and real life stories and encounters.

Many of the ordinary mundane things are done pretty much equally like texting, emailing, messaging and downloading apps.