If you need some serious B2B rank, do this…


If you are a strictly B2B business, there are certain strategies and SEO marketing hacks that will be different from those who are looking for retail customers. So what are the things being done by the best B2B websites out there that you need to be doing?

  • One of the major factors in getting them some SEO rank is the fact that the top B2B companies use both the location and the industry name in their title page. Industry, location and the important keywords were all encompassed in their metatags. Keep your home page title to less than 70 characters or it won’t fit in the search results. The major companies did this more than 60% o the time while the also-rans only do it around 20% of the time. The leaders also average about 44 internal links while the runner-ups had less than 20.
  • Remember that the search engines, especially Google, are just machines. Because of this, you must tell these search machines exactly who you are, what you do, and how you solve problems on every page of your website.
  • Links are critical to your SEO marketing efforts and you must have a strategy for getting those precious backlinks. The more local you can get, the better. Most potential customers are right in your region.
  • If you think you have enough content on your site and out on your social media platforms, then think again. Whatever you think you need for content, double it. The most successful B2B companies, with the greatest search exposure, have at least 100 pages of content compared with just 40 or so from those guys and girls in second place. The search engines, especially Google, like websites with plenty of content and substance. Otherwise, you are seen as an amateur.
  • Finally, testimonials and reviews play a huge role in SEO success. Don’t shy away from asking customers to write one for you. Most of them, if they love you, will be happy to do it.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer