Paying for Views on YouTube and its Negative Effect on Your VSEO

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In the world of today’s marketing, companies will do whatever they can to get ahead of their competitors. Unfortunately, this sometimes means that companies will take actions that will negatively affect them online. When it comes to marketing videos, your ultimate goal is to gain as many views as possible and spread your videos across the web. You do this with video search engine optimization (VSEO) but this can be hampered by negative business practices.

The worst offender this week is that YouTube video creators have been paying for views for their videos trying to boost the amount of hits a video gets, pushing it to the front of search engine results. Google sent out a reminder this week that this is not an acceptable practice and much like negative SEO strategies, creators and companies can face consequences for partaking in such a practice.

Views generated by third party businesses and services won’t get counted on YouTube and will not only possibly lead to your videos being removed or the suspension of your account, but it can also lead to a drop in VSEO for you which will negatively affect your reach across the web.

YouTube does like to remind creators that it is possible to use an avenue of legitimate paid options through YouTube’s TrueView ads. This can help generate views for your marketing videos. YouTube announced previously that they will give video creators free Trueview ads to help promote their channels in a feature they’re calling Fan Finder.

If there’s a company offering lots of views for cash in an attempt to boost your VSEO, you need to think twice before accepting such an offer. As the video creator, you are the one responsible for your video traffic. By contracting a company that will end up spamming instead of gaining views, your company pays the penalty, not the one that was contracted.

Remember, YouTube is about the great content you create, not just about accumulating a large amount of views per video. YouTube is the second largest search engine online, due to the millions of viewers it has on a daily basis. Like Google won’t put up with paid links in web search, YouTube won’t put up with paid views.

Paid views means you’ll get penalized, which means a loss of VSEO, which translates to a loss of traffic and loss of search engine ranking. Do yourself a favor, create great content, invest in YouTube’s Trueview ads, and see your videos at the top of the search engine results thanks to great VSEO.