How Pinterest can shatter your holiday expectations

z167 If you have yet to deploy your social media marketing holiday push, you are running a tad behind. If you are in retail and ecommerce, you know how important the next couple of months are going to be to your overall bottom line for the year.

  •  If you are a retailer or have an ecommerce site, and your main demographic if girls and women, Pinterest is the place you need to be. If you are not already there you need to incorporate it into your social media marketing strategy as soon as possible. Recent stats show that Pinterest users are around 90% female.
  • According to recent research, the average order placed through Pinterest is nearly $170. This is more than two times the average purchase made through either Twitter or Facebook.
  • A well defined Pinterest social media marketing strategy will drive traffic to your site and your store all year but will hold especially true during the holiday season as Pinterest users are quite prone to sharing. Nearly 80% of Pinterest users freely share and recommend pins and businesses that their network needs to check out.
  • Pinterest users will click through and pull the trigger more often than at any other social media platform. Research has found that nearly 70% of all Pinterest users have clicked through or visited a store to make a purchase. In addition, Pinterest is one of the most trusted social media sites with over 80% of all consumers polled choosing Pinterest as their most trusted site with regard to products.
  • As Forbes Magazine has noted, Pinterest is all about the sale. It is all about shopping and finding that perfect product. The other social media platforms can generate sales but Pinterest leads the way as users know that placing an order is what the site is really all about.

If your audience is female of every age group, then Pinterest is the place you need to be, especially during the holiday season. Your social media marketing strategy has to be there if you are selling product. It can be one of the most profitable marketing moves you will ever make.