What you really don’t know about Facebook and Google

Internet Concept on Laptop

As they say, what you don’t know could hurt you. Nothing could be more true when it comes to the two giants of the world wide web. The search giant and the social media giant are two places you need to get familiar with if your business is going to succeed these days. Here are some stats you need to know about if your SEO and your social media marketing is going to drive sales.

  • 90% of all social media users have a Facebook page and nearly 80% of all searches are done through Google. Facebook has, currently, 1.65 billion users and more than half of them access it through a mobile device. Google hosts over one billion searches a month.
  • Facebook has 1.09 billion people checking in every day and over 66% use it extensively throughout the day. Google hosts 81 million searches every month from just mobile devices. Advertising revenue every year is simply gigantic as Google rakes in $67 billion while Facebook takes in $17 billion every year. Nearly 80% of Facebook’s ad revenue every year comes by way of mobile devices. The numbers wouldn’t be so gigantic if it wasn’t working for businesses.
  • A solid 125 million users are using Facebook’s exclusive mobile app. Meanwhile, 67 million are using the gmail app every month and Google has over one billion gmail accounts that are active daily. Facebook hosts 50 million small businesses while Google has nearly 60% of all small businesses with a web presence using Google Analytics.
  • About 75% of all brands currently online are advertising on Facebook and there are over 8 billion video views every day on Facebook. YouTube, owned by Google, has over five billion videos viewed every day. Here’s a big one: only about 3% of the content on Facebook is video but it, by far, reaches the most people with the biggest engagement factor.
  • That equates to over 100 million hours of Facebook videos being watched every day and that’s just 3% of the content there. YouTube gets over 100 million engagement hours every day which is equal to the amount of video hours spent watching Facebook hosted videos.

So, it’s time to crank up that SEO strategy as well as that social media marketing strategy. If you are not playing with Google, YouTube and Facebook, you are missing out on huge opportunities that, you can be assured, are being taken advantage of by your rivals.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer