Are you really focused on your inbound traffic? Really?


Your SEO marketing strategies have been in place for a while and they are driving traffic to your site. Now, that the traffic has arrived, are you offering a customer centric experience when they get there? Your content must be focused on the potential customer and then it must be adjusted and newly created based on how your viewers are reacting to it.

  • Don’t be afraid to set up A/B tests everywhere. Try several different approaches and see what is driving the traffic and continue to run with that. Keep a close eye on your social media platforms and see what everyone is talking about. Find what is driving their interest and create your content around that. Remember, you are in the problem solving business. Your customer doesn’t need a drill. Your customer needs a hole. Discover those problems and then focus all of your content there.
  • Your content has to engage them and must compel them to buy what you are selling. Video and infographics are can hugely influence a customer’s decision to buy. Also, know who the major bloggers and influencers are in your industry or even your region. Even if these writers are not related to your industry, it is still a great idea to get to know them and cultivate their goodwill and their audience. They will help drive your customers and, once they are there, you will know where they came from so that you can continue to tailor your SEO marketing and content.
  • Guest blogging is a must. Get as much exposure everywhere that you think you can. Try and create sharable content, also. Quotes and infographics are quickly shared. It will give you an opportunity to connect with an entirely new potential customer base. Build your brand one guest blog, one new site, at a time. If your alliance sites are not that sure they want to directly drive traffic to your site, then set up a separate landing page from where your calls to action can send them along.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer