Retailer’s focused on driving holiday sales through social

z162American retailers are looking to take their holiday marketing strategies directly to the consumer. Recent research has found that US retailers plan on spending an enormous amount of money and resources on social media marketing campaigns. This will all be directly aimed with their holiday season bottom lines in mind.

Projections are for American retailers to see an 8% boost in sales over last holiday season and their social media marketing campaigns look to significantly contribute to those totals. The holiday season looks to drive over $600 billion in sales and even the social media platforms are gearing up. Even though Facebook and Twitter have unveiled new ecommerce tools, not a whole lot of companies are taking advantage of them.

  • In a recent market survey, most social media marketing campaigns are going to focus heavily on Facebook even though the platform struggles with regard to organic reach. Making the most of Cyber Monday is on every American retailer’s mind this year and their social media marketing budgets are going to reflect that.
  • While many traditional outlets will be used, most retailers, regardless of size, will be focusing their efforts on their social media marketing. Most retailers are looking to boost their ecommerce abilities and drive a large portion of sales through that funnel.
  • While most social media marketing resources are going to be thrown at Facebook, many marketers see Instagram becoming a huge player with regard to driving ecommerce sales in the near future.
  • Though the drive will be toward social media marketing, most retailers are sticking with the brands names such as Facebook and Twitter. Many are not going to risk large budgets elsewhere as they believe some of the platforms are still too young to have a proven track record of ecommerce results.

As the holiday season approaches, social media marketing is going to play a strong role in this season’s bottom line. If you have yet to cobble together an ecommerce and social media marketing strategy for the upcoming season, the time is now.