SEO Tips to Boost your Black Friday Sales

Posted on November 22, 2013 in Google, Mobile SEO, Search Engine Optimization, SEO, SEO Services

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Last year, consumers spent a whopping 59.1 million dollars on Black Friday alone. Are you getting shoppers to show up at your site and getting a piece of that Black Friday pie? Here are some SEO tips for your company to help increase your online sales.

1. Create a URL

Create or select a landing page and customize the URL or subdomain to something that has Black Friday in it. This very specific keyword phrase has the ability to generate more than 100,000 type searches per month and can help boost your site to that vaulted first page of Google search results. When it comes to Black Friday searches, this can drastically impact your online sales figures. Consider using pages with the year in it as well like “Black Friday 2013” or “2013 Thanksgiving Sales,” this will boost your SEO and get you closer to that first page ranking.

2. Use Groupon and Living Social

These two sites have millions of viewers who are locally-subscribed. These viewers visit their sites daily to see what the next local deal is going to be. This is a great place to feature ads that will be seen by millions and could potentially land you on the first page of Google search results for your targeted keywords. An SEO targeted campaign for search terms such as “Black Friday 2013 tech deal of the day” will return results from Groupon, Living Social, and other daily deal sites.

3. Referrals are your Friend

It may be a bit unorthodox but use sites like eBay and Amazon to showcase your products and make sure to include a link back to your website in your product description. This will gain you the SEO benefit of building backlinks that will boost your search engine ranking.

4. Create Landing Pages

If you’re an e-commerce site that sells multiple different kinds of products, then you should create a landing page for each different category of products. These landing pages should all have Black Friday in the name so as to better corral those search engine crawlers. The ROI on landing pages for Black Friday is huge, so don’t miss out on such a simple SEO benefit.

5. Design with SEO in Mind

The point is in this increasingly mobile world, if your website isn’t made with responsive web design in mind, then you’re missing out on the mobile market, which is huge. A large base of consumers will be searching for products on Black Friday from their tablet or smartphone, if your website doesn’t display correctly or is hard to navigate, then they will move on to your competitors. All your landing pages should be mobile friendly and you’ll gain added SEO benefits from using a responsive design as well.

Using these SEO tips will see you on the front page of Google’s search results, boost your Black Friday sales and will help prove that all your hard work was worth it.