SEO Tips to Improve Your Blog Posts

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As a blog writer, the concept of Search Engine Optimization or SEO can be a bit confusing. Understanding how the search bots work to analyze your content will help you increase the amount of traffic that you get to your site. One of the most important tactics you can use for your blog is to embrace SEO and let it help you improve your blog. Here are some tips to optimize your blog and help with your blog management services:

Optimize Your Titles: The titles of your articles are the first things your readers will see and is usually the deciding factor in reading them. The titles also play a pivotal role in search engine rankings. So what are the best ways to optimize your titles?

  • Use your main keywords in the title
  • Be concise but descriptive
  • Use keyword phrases that people might search for
  • Avoid repeating words
  • Multiple keywords can be used but it has to be done in a creative way
  • Try to keep it under 70 characters

Remember that your titles can determine the click through rate for your site so make sure they are creative and descriptive to grab your readers’ attention.

Optimize Your Meta Description: After the title on search results the description of your article or page is displayed to users to let them know what the article is about. When the search engine bots crawl through your content they display some of the content under a description tag. If a user searches for a specific keyword, search engines will display a list that matches that keyword with keywords in titles and descriptions that best fit what they’re looking for. So what are the best ways to optimize your Meta descriptions?

  • Really focus on keyword phrases, try to include more than one
  • Watch for repetition
  • Avoid keyword stuffing and using unnecessary words
  • Avoid special characters
  • Try to keep it at 160 characters and under

Remember that this Is what users will see in the search results so make it creative and descriptive like a title to really draw them in.

Optimize Your Content: Before we get into optimizing your content for search engines remember that your readers come first! The content you write is for them, not for search engines, so keep the content engaging for your readers.

Within your content you have to make good use of your relevant keywords. By doing keyword research, you can improve your traffic rate by knowing what users are searching for online and then implementing those keywords into your content. When it comes to your relevant keywords:

  • Put your main keywords in Bold
  • Italicize phrases that will get searched for
  • Content can be anywhere from 300 words to 750 words but try to keep it within that range

Think of how users search for keywords online and use those keyword phrases in your content to help with your search engine rankings.

With these few tips you should be able to improve your blog posts for search engine rankings and with the proper blog management services get yourself ranked towards the top.