The ‘Need-to-knows’ of an Internet Marketing Plan

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The beginnings of any small business marketing you do should start out online. Why online you ask? The world is connected by the internet and potential customers are more than likely visiting your new shiny website via their tablet or smartphone. What this means for your marketing team, that you should have in place, is that you need to develop a robust internet marketing plan to work on your online presence. This includes your website, possible blog, your email, digital advertising, and of course, social media. The first step is to get an internet marketing plan in place. Here are some tips for your internet marketing team to get the ball rolling.

Goals for Web Traffic: The first question any small business owner needs to ask is who exactly are you trying to attract to your website? What makes your customers unique from the rest of the pack? In order for your internet marketing plan to be successful, how many visitors would you need to get? The goal isn’t just to get as many visitors as possible to your page, but to convert those visitors to customers.

Speaking of Conversion: What is the overall golden number of visitors that you want converted into customers? A more important question to ask yourself is how many site visits does it need to take before that prospective customer becomes a real customer? The power of this analysis will let you know if your internet marketing plan is working via the layout of your website, your site content, and your internet marketing advertising and SEO.

Online Brand Presence: When it comes to your company, what is the first thing you want visitors to learn about you? The impression your customers and potential customers get from you is just as important as the products you sell. If you have a brick store as well an online one make sure that everything is consistent between the two. Your content also has to be consistent and clear so as not to confuse prospective customers. Your internet marketing plan should build reliability and quality within the minds of your visitors. This can lead to referrals and more business for you via the internet word of mouth.

Customer Interaction: Your customers are set but wait, someone has a problem with one of your products, how do you interact with them? How do you engage your customers to keep them coming back to your website? Does your website do the work for you or do you use social media to keep encouraging return visits? There are a number of ways to keep customers engaged on your website, polls, blogs, prize giveaways are just a few of the ways. Your internet marketing plan should always make customer interaction a priority because this is how you get your repeat customers.