Vine Comes to Android Phones

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Twitter’s Vine App, once only exclusive to Apple’s iPhones has finally come to phones running the Android OS.

The Vine app, which allows users to shoot up to six seconds of video and then share it with their friends on Twitter or within the app itself, has been very popular since its release four months ago on the Apple App Store. There, it has become one of the most widely used social media tools this year with over 13 million users. Company’s such as Taco Bell, Lowe’s, video game company Bethesda Softworks, and even featured in the Tribeca Film Festival, and even President Obama have all used Vine to relay promotions, upcoming titles, or create short instructional videos.

The Android app fresh off the presses, easily matches the iPhone app in that it can shoot, share and explore others’ videos, Twitter has added a special feature with the release of the Android app though in the form of a zoom function. Unfortunately, the Android version is without the hashtags and front-facing camera shooting features that were introduced on the iPhone app a few weeks ago.

Even though Android phones now outnumber iPhones in the market, many companies like Twitter continue to develop apps first for the iPhone before delivering them to Android’s Google Play store.

So what does this all mean for your company? Vine is an app that allows you to shoot short videos, and can be an asset to any creative marketing team. Vine is the Twitter of the VSEO (video search engine optimization) world. Instead of 160 characters though, you have six seconds of video to get your message across. Lowe’s and Taco Bell have done this very effectively with their marketing campaigns. Vine is great for teasing new products or showing quick glimpses of what products can do.

There are over 13 million users registered on the iPhone Vine app alone, with the app being added to Android, that number will reach even higher. Vine allows you to have an open VSEO platform to work with a massive user base. Now is the time to jump on the Vine bandwagon and see where it takes you down the VSEO road.