Visuals make a huge difference to your conversions

z161 Integrating visual components to your search engine optimization and social media marketing efforts is no longer an option for you to ponder. Bringing in visuals to enhance your message in an effort to drive traffic is now a must. If you are not doing it now, you had best get to it.

  •  Your overall search engine optimization and social media marketing strategy must encompass the use of photos, video and infographics. The surge over the past few years of the infographic alone is self evident proof of the gaining influence and popularity of using visual aids to engage with your customers.
  • The human brain, according to recent science, is highly adept when it comes to recognizing visuals over oral and text based messages. Over 90% of the information you process everyday is visual and your brain responds and can process visual information over sixty thousand times faster than text or sounds. In addition, most human communication, over 90%, is actually non verbal and humans can understand something almost 50% faster when there are visuals accompanying a presentation rather than just plain text.
  • The Wharton School of Business recently did some research regarding visual presentations and found, among other things, that over 70% of people who watched a presentation found it convincing enough to act upon while less than half thought so when the presentation was just text or verbally presented.
  • In fact, the Wharton research further discovered that when people saw graphics, photos or videos integrated into a presentation, they thought that the presenter was more engaging and authoritative that those who did not use any visuals.
  • How effective are visuals? Studies have shown that infographics are read over thirty times more often than simple text posts. Throw in a video and some exciting photos and you will see your traffic numbers jump almost immediately.

Taking the time to incorporate visuals into your search engine optimization and social media marketing strategies will pay off in the long run. The use of them brings the reader in and engages them at a greater rate than just a text presentation.  Driving traffic and increasing your conversions is really what it’s all about. Isn’t it?