If you’re one of these businesses, you must have SEO to survive


Sure, SEO marketing is key these days to the successful operation of any business. However, there are certain business models that really need SEO to, quite literally, survive. There are certain businesses and industries for which SEO marketing can be more highly effective than in other businesses or industries because of its unique nature or because competition is so crowded and intense.

The niches and the locals

These are two rather highly specialized business ventures and SEO marketing must be integrated into your business plan in order to succeed. If you’re extremely local and reliant of local search there are opportunities here because local SEO has a different algorithm that national SEO. On a local search there are usually three entries that are listed above the organic search results. If you can work your SEO in a way to make it into one of those three slots, it will be a huge win for your competitiveness.

The niche business, those who cater to a small and specific type of audience, must have SEO because your traffic will be less and you really need to reach all of the potential prospects you can. Sure, your traffic numbers will be smaller than most other businesses but your conversions rates should be huge if you can drive the traffic because those that visit you are really looking for what you have to sell.

Attorneys and physicians and…

This should go without saying because the field is crowded and competition is extremely fierce. This can generally spread out to encompass all businesses related to the legal and medical fields. Most of these professions are highly specialized so with a coherent SEO marketing plan these businesses can eliminate most of the competitors. Same applies to the legal professions and services. With the right specific keywords and phrases and a fresh and dynamic content approach, these businesses have a clear advantage over other types of businesses.

Maintenance  and food and drink

These three distinct areas may just be the most crowded fields out there where the competition can be overwhelming. The maintenance field can include everyone from plumbers, carpenters and electricians to landscapers and auto mechanics. Local SEO tactics will put you at the head of the list because your businesses is usually attracting customers that have an emergency now. They need to fix a problem right now. Then there are the restaurants and bars. People don’t really need you but they do want you from time to time. This is where you can find certain specialized and niche keywords and phrases and dominate the local searches. Your SEO marketing goal is to drive traffic to your location rather than to your website so make sure your website if putting people in the seats also.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer