You branding is really all about your story

When it comes to your branding efforts, it really is all about you. Brand awareness is, perhaps, the most crucial component to your SEO and online marketing success. Telling the story of you and your company, however, is no easy thing. Creating the persona of what your company is, what it does, and how it can help potential customers and clients is something that takes great care and and some carefully constructed strategies.

  • The first part of the story telling venture is understanding who and what your company is, what it wants to be and how it will be shown to be. What values does your company hold dear and wish to project and how do those values come into play on an everyday basis when dealing with customers and clients? You must have a vision and craft the tale of that vision so that potential customers can truly come to know you. Once they come to know you, they will come to trust you.
  • If you try to make you and your company out to be something you are not (which happens quite more often than you would think), people will find out. Maybe not right away but they will eventually find out. They always do, and when they do, you might as well shut everything down because any trust you were trying to build will be destroyed.
  • Just regurgitating the company’s “mission” will do you little good. Talk is always cheap. Only action has any meaning. Today’s average consumer can see thousands of advertising and branded messages every day and have come to just tune much of it out if there is no engagement, if there is no emotional pull. If it is too much the hard sell, if it just has PR and promotional drivel written all over it, no one will bother listening.
  • The most successful have their inspiring tale and they make certain that it play across various marketing channels. Have some great content? Translate it to images and video that will play well on your social media platforms. Just have a huge company event or have you singled someone out for an outstanding performance? Get it all on the record and then send it out. Let people see the real you and the real company behind all of the logos and advertising. They really want to see you and, if you let them in, they will respond enthusiastically and may become loyal customers and fans for life.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer