How podcasts can allow you to dominate

These days, your company needs every edge it can get over your rivals. Podcasts, when added to your SEO and social media marketing efforts will, most assuredly, boost your brand, drive traffic and allow you to dominate your competitors. According to some recent research done by Edison Research, nearly 80 million people listen to podcasts every month with about 50 million listening on a weekly basis. So, how can you put the podcast strategy to work for you?

  • If you are a bit hesitant about doing your own podcast, it is a great idea to get out there and be a guest out on a related podcast. Podcast producers are always looking for subject matter and guests. If you don’t have the equipment to produce one, find some professionals that do but if that doesn’t seem to be in the budget, guest appearances can work magic with regard to name recognition and driving traffic.
  • If you forge ahead with your own brand of podcast, you can reach an even larger audience when you re-purpose them. A single podcast can be turned into infographics as well as a continuing series of blog posts. You can even make some edits and add it to your next mini infomercial video.
  • If production and being a guest doesn’t really appeal to you, your business can gain some serious traction when you sponsor a particular podcast. Seek out a business that is complimentary to yours and sponsor one, or several, of their podcasts. It will help build alliances and you can expose your brand to an entirely different, yet related, audience. In addition, stats from Nielsen indicate that well over 30 percent of all podcast viewers will purchase products or services from the sponsor. Why? Because they trust the business doing the podcast so that trust is extended to you as the sponsor.
  • Don’t forget to get the word out about your podcasts, your sponsorship of one, or when you have an upcoming guest spot. You might have the greatest product or service in the world but if nobody knows about it you might as well well start packing up the boxes right now. Get the word out every which way you can especially at your social media platforms. After a while, you will likely find that your investment in podcasts has become, indeed, a solid investment in your company’s future.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer