How’s your Hummingbird strategy doing?

Google Search algorithms can change at any moment so your SEO marketing strategy needs to be fluid and adaptable. While other engines such as Yahoo and Bing continue to evolve their own search criteria, Google continues to be the 600 pound gorilla in the room. Its latest Hummingbird algorithm update has been in place for about six months. Have you been adapting your strategy to meet its demands?

  •  Hummingbird is a significant search algorithm update and will affect SEO strategy for a long time to come. While previous versions, Penguin and Panda, ended up affecting only about 5% of all searches, it is estimated that the Hummingbird protocols are having a direct affect on over 90% of all searches.
  • Hummingbird’s approach is to take the measure of a searcher’s intent rather than just trying to identify keywords. The algorithm’s focus is more in touch with longer phrases and actual questions rather than just one or two words.
  • Rather than just typing in a keyword like “SEO”, Hummingbird is more focused on a phrase like “Search engine optimization in Boston”. It greatly narrows your results and your SERP will come up faster.
  • Content will continue to play a vital role in your SEO success. Frequent updates of quality content that brings added value will remain one of Google’s top factors for some time to come. More content needs to be your focus. Keywords will be less significant as LSI and long tail phrases will be the more important long term strategy. Also, incorporating questions will reveal stronger search results for you.
  • Finally, don’t forget your responsive design strategy so that potential customers can find you regardless of the device they are using. Far too many small businesses are not incorporating responsive design into their SEO strategy. Because of this, they are being greatly outdistanced by their competitors who are stealing market share because customers can find them on their smart phones and tablets.

– Written by Kevin Sawyer