Need more great reviews? Here’s how…

If there is one thing that can get you a ton of traffic and a bunch of conversions, it is some great reviews. The challenge always seems to be, however, how to get those reviews. Looking at much of the recent marketing research uncovers the fact that nearly 90% of all consumers are searching for reviews before buying a product or a service. So, how to keep those great reviews coming?

  • One tried and true way to get those great reviews is to crank up your email campaigns. Your established email list is great because those email subscribers truly are your biggest and best fans. Make sure that you have some manner of automation that emails a customer right after a sale asking them for a review. Not only can you ask for both written and video reviews, but you will have a constant pipeline in which to offer discounts and specials to those fans who already love you.
  • For those of you with a retail outlet, simply have signs asking them to go online and leave a positive comment at your site or to write a positive review out at one of the review sites like Yelp. Put those requests everywhere from window and table signs to business cards and on receipts.
  • Start chatting up your social media following and reply to every review that you get. Ask them to provide a review and have them reach out to their networks of friends who were happy with your product or service. Great customer reviews also help your SEO and your overall rankings during a search.
  • Share reviews that you have already attained. Send them out in emails. Post them at your social media platforms. Finally, crank up that customer service. It is all about the experience and the service your customers receive. Generate a great customer experience and you will likely find yourself on the receiving end of a glowing customer review.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer