New search factors means new SEO strategies

The importance of your search engine optimization to the long term success of your company and brand can’t be understated. To keep your SEO marketing strategies powerful and effective, you must please the search gods at Google. Google has been making adjustments to its SEO demands so there are now some areas of concentration that you must be certain to attend to yesterday if you have not done so already.

  • One thing Google has always been relatively firm on with regard to SEO has been page speed. Beginning in the summer of 2018 however, page loading speed will be a major, and critical, factor in the ranking of a site on a SERP. Up until now, mobile speed has not been much of a factor but that will all change come this summer as your loading speed for your mobile site will become an important raking factor also.
  • Google has begun to focus in more on the mobile experience because mobile device use has now surpassed desktop use and it is estimated that as much as 60% of all online searches are now being done on a mobile device. Google has made heavy investments in certain performance enhancing technologies and is considering mobile the next serious concentration. Speed will become everything and if you are too slow, you will immediately begin to notice a serious drop in your rankings.
  • When re-evaluating your SEO strategies, you must re-visit your mobile optimization situation. If your website has yet to be optimized for mobile, you are already way behind. Being responsive to mobile devices simply means that you are prepared to make what adjustments must be made in order to accommodate the limits and the structures of the mobile environment.
  • Your video and image content must be adjusted to perform well and to be seen properly on mobile devices. The formats for your presentation of image and video must be the latest technology and must be constantly tested for quality presentation. In addition, pay attention to your internal structure such as your Java scripts. You will need to greatly reduce the data transfer if you are to dominate mobile and gain ground on your competitors. Performance of a site has now become a major factor for Google. For them, it is always about the customer experience.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer