Are you staying SEO relevant?


Your SEO marketing efforts are an ongoing project, a full time job, really. If you are trying to do it all yourself then you are quickly finding out that it just doesn’t seem possible to do. Staying relevant in SEO takes planning and the knowledge of what is happening right now because the rules shift almost daily. If you don’t keep up, if you don’t play by today’s rules, you will soon find your rankings are dropping and you may even be hit with a severe penalty or two.

  • You must be mobile and you must be doing it right. Recent research has discovered that nearly 70% of all mobile sites are not up to speed in that they are far too slow. You have less than four seconds. Any longer and your visitor is gone. Anything that is on your mobile site must be operable. Too many companies are posting videos that aren’t even loading. Also on your mobile site, lose the ads. It will only slow you down and a good bet is that your mobile site is already too slow.
  • Do you even know what Google is looking for? What Google says is what goes in SEO and search. To ignore that is to court SERP oblivion. Do you know about their possible penalties from which you might never recover? Your sites need to be checked and monitored daily. If you are not doing that, or can’t do that because of other demands, you had best bring in some professionals who can do it for you.
  • Get a handle on your real ROI. Sure, maybe you’re making 20% on your products with the keyword of “hammers” but it is more important to know that you are ranking on the third page of a SERP for “hammers”. That’s where your problem is. The 20% is fine but what if you were on the first page of a SERP? How many more hammers could you sell?
  • Try and integrate your traditional marketing campaigns with your SEO marketing campaigns. Sure your SEO matters but your content is what will rank you and separate you from your rivals.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer