Does your video marketing need a new level?

Video is here to stay. If it is not playing a huge role in your SEO and social media marketing then you are already way behind. According to statistics from the likes of Bloomberg and Tech Crunch, billions of videos are being watched everyday all across the web especially out at the social media platforms. In fact, 8 billion videos get watched everyday at Facebook and 10 billion get watched everyday out at Snapchat. Are these potential customers and clients you can afford to ignore? Through sheer volume alone, you need to take your video marketing effort to a whole new level.

  • Recent research from just about everywhere indicates that video will be at least 80% of all world wide web traffic by 2020. While engaging written content is here to stay simply because it is a powerful and proven SEO tool, video is also proving to be a traffic generator and brand builder that can no longer be ignored.
  • Extending your brand means extending the variety of videos you can present. Everything from product and service explanations to in depth interviews to live broadcasts to case studies and testimonials can all be weaved into your overall strategy. Remember to keep things simple. There is no need for it to be a Hollywood production. Simple images and a simple message is the key along with calls to action. Buy decent equipment and get some top shelf editing software.
  • Keep your videos informational and engaging. Allow your audience to see the real you, the authentic company and products or services. Know who your potential audience is and where they can be found on the social media platforms. Keep a video library and don’t shy away from using stock video so that your visuals can keep moving along during your narration or voice over.
  • Create some standard commercials, if you will, that you can continue to re-use. Try and tie these in with any special promotions or campaigns you have going on at the moment. Keeping your videos in the one minute to five minute range will be the most effective. People will stay and watch a video if you keep them interested, informed and entertained. Your video marketing can be a major investment for you with regard to driving traffic and conversions. It can be one of the reasons for your future growth.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer