Will your business remain SEO relevant?

z124  If your business does not have a strategic and ongoing SEO strategy, you will be quickly left behind. You will become, for all intents and purposes, irrelevant. SEO strategy is a flowing one and one that must be kept up to date a formulated consistently over a long period of time to be effective.

  •  Right now, your most important SEO strategy is your mobile strategy. If you do not have responsive design, you had best get on it as it grows late in the game and you are way behind. If you are not mobile, Google has made it more than clear that you will suffer in rankings and search results. Speed, too, must be a priority. If your page is loading too slowly, you will be penalized. This means no pop ups or any overlays. Don’t slow your site down or they will click away.
  • Know the rules and the penalties. If you are not keeping up with the Google changes and algorithm updates, you will end up wasting money and time as your SEO will not be up to date.
  • Keywords are fine and all, but you must begin to take your ROI into consideration when adopting your SEO strategies. You must know where your customers are and how to go and get them. Then you must measure the SEO investment you are making against your conversions.
  • Integrate your PR and your marketing with regard to your link building. Quality links means a quality site which will translate into higher search ranking. You will attract great back links as well as maybe develop new business relationships that may serve you well going into the future.
  • Don’t forget to keep your content fresh and concentrate on developing key words and long tail strategies that will narrow your focus so that you can gain more traffic.

– Written by Kevin Sawyer