Are you getting enough traffic out of your YouTube channel?

Videocamera web icon, flat design One of the major social media marketing strategies you need to employ is a vibrant YouTube channel as well as well placed videos all over your site and your other major social media platforms. With over one billion users and over 300 hours of video uploaded every minute, are you missing your chance to grab some traffic from, perhaps, the world’s largest search engine?

  •  First of all, you can bet your competitors aren’t using YouTube in their social media marketing. The sad matter of fact is that only 9% of all American small businesses actually use YouTube as a marketing weapon.
  • Use every possible tool that YouTube makes available to you. It will help you be seen. Remember that YouTube, basically, is a giant search engine so you must employ your standard SEO marketing procedures.
  • Like any other promotional or marketing piece, you must have a call to action embedded in every video. Never miss a chance to drive traffic, encourage comments, or inspire sharing.
  • Start your promotion with your own social and professional network and encourage them to share your videos with their social network. Your videos need to be everywhere including your website and all of your social media outlets and platforms. Also, include a video link in all of your email marketing.
  • If you can’t do it yourself, or you have no time, hire professionals to create your videos. If you think you won’t notice the difference, think again. It is worth the investment because this is your company’s image we are talking about here. This isn’t some inane cat video uploaded by a fourth grader.
  • Make certain that your videos are part of your SEO marketing. They must be found in the major search engines. Promote your You Tube channel everywhere. Never let a piece of marketing collateral escape your building without a plug for your YouTube channel.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer