Can your social media boost your ranking?

The key to your success with regard to your SEO and social media marketing is to rank high on SERP’s and to drive traffic to your website or location. There really is no other reason for your marketing. The challenge has always been coordinating your social media so that it works in harmony with your SEO efforts. So, how to get your social media marketing to not only drive traffic but boost your search ranking also?

  • One of the major ranking factors that is used by the search god Google is content. This is where your first major coordination can take place between your SEO and your social media. Social media, of course, thrives on content especially what is considered to be quality content. For the search engines, especially Google, it is all about the sharing. They like to see content shared and passed along and positively commented on. Buying shares or likes will not accomplish this. You must create your own compelling and engaging content which will drive traffic and boost your ranking.
  • With regard to your content strategy, it is critical to be incorporating those keywords and phrases into all of the content you post. You content people must know what they are doing and they would be wise to incorporate long tail search phrases. This is, generally, how people search; through the use of phrases. Also, voice search has begun to establish itself and looks to become dominant in a very short time.
  • Sharing becomes a key consideration so don’t shy away from writing calls to action within your content. They will be there to drive traffic to your site as well as encourage readers to share your content with their social networks. Ask your readers to actively share your posts and content and provide the buttons they need to make it as easy as possible. Encourage your readers to be regular visitors and to share your content with their networks. Don’t forget those calls to action and be certain to include direct links back to your website in all of your written content.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer