Is your content marketing really working?

Your content, and the marketing of your content, is the key to the very survival of your brand. It is as simple, and as complicated, as that. Far too many small businesses and consultants adhere to a strategy by which they believe that more is better. They think that volume is the key when, in reality, it is quality that is the key to present and future success. Your content serves several functions not the least of which is to drive traffic and enable conversions. For all of your forms of content, it is how well they engage the viewers and the readers that will determine your traffic and, in the end, the fate of your brand.

  • When people begin to become engaged with your content, it means that you have likely spurred them on to action. That is when you know a piece of content has been successful; when it drives people to act. By developing content that is not informative, not educational, not interesting or engaging, you are not growing your brand awareness and, thus, your company’s bottom line.
  • When your content is not interesting to anyone, you are hurting your overall image as well as what potential growth you may be looking for. You have taken the time to forge a SEO strategy and you have a solid social media presence. Content is what drives the search engines, especially Google, and what causes movement at the social media platforms. You want them engaged and you want them moving.
  • It all, of course, begins and ends with your content. Your blogs, articles, videos and infographics need to be well thought out and well presented. If you can’t do it yourself, you need to go out and find people who can. The very future of your brand depends on it.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer