Why your content and your SEO needs to work together

There is nothing more closely linked to your SEO marketing success than your content marketing. There was a time when you could go along with your content marketing without having to link it to your SEO efforts but no more. Google continues to fix what isn’t broken and has made your content a key ingredient to the overall success of your site ranking.

  • The first consideration, of course, is knowing who your target readers will be and then proceeding to set some common ground and goals between your overall SEO and the integration of your content. You know that you need your content to be strong enough and engaging enough to build brand awareness and trust in addition to establishing you as an expert in your industry or profession. But what about driving traffic? Do you need to integrate your content and tailor it so that it assists your SEO marketing with regard to ranking and traffic?
  • Once you have successfully begun to integrate the two, you need solid measurement parameters to track the ROI on everything. You need to be tracking such things as direct engagement and comments, sharing, as well as your conversion rates based on your calls to action. In order to increase your ROI, and the effectiveness of your SEO efforts, you need to ensure that all of your content is optimized to the hilt for your SEO. Your keyword density needs to be in the 1%-2% range and you need to be up on Goggle’s latest requirements for what they declare good SEO practices should be and know what key words and phrases are getting the most traffic for your particular industry or profession.
  • The next integration you need to be making is to be building solid and reputable links both inbound and outbound. You also need to begin attracting the influencers in your industry or profession and get them writing about you as well as carrying your content at their sites. Always be measuring and optimizing. Never be content with what you have done. Always be searching for ways to make your content and your SEO stronger and more effective together. It’s always about branding and conversions.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer