Why your conversion rate can be greater than it is

It really is all about the conversions. After all, isn’t that why you are in business? Without sales, your company is, of course, going absolutely nowhere. Perhaps your conversion rate has been rather low of late? There are several strategies you can deploy to boost that conversion rate to where you are not only successful but fueling your future growth.

  • Current thinking states that a conversion rate in the 1% – 3% range is acceptable and to be expected if your SEO, social media and other marketing strategies have been working for you. However, with a little additional creativity, you could likely boost your rate to the 4%-10% range. First off, look hard at your current offers. Are people excited and clicking through? If not, maybe it’s time to change your overall offer. Up to 70% of visitors are abandoning their shopping carts before they pull the trigger. Try offering more overall value along the way so that it makes it hard for them to pass up the offer.
  • Separate landing pages are critical to the success of your conversion rate. If your SEO and social media marketing are causing them to click to your offer, you will probably lose them if they end up at your home page and have to go looking for the offer. They won’t do it. You will lose them. Send them directly to where they are expecting to go.
  • Landing pages for a product or a service have a greater chance of conversion success if there is a video there explaining everything to them. While your sales copy is important, nothing converts like video. Video’s conversion rates are more than four time higher than if there is just sales copy at the landing page. They are your effective commercial for how you will bring added value into their lives or how you will solve a problem for them.
  • While they are there at the landing page, use testimonials and reviews to help build trust in your brand if your are a stranger to them. Calls to action must be everywhere and you must make it as simple as possible for them to buy from you. Forget all of the useless forms for them to fill out or asking them to take surveys. Hold their hand and steer them toward the checkout. The more steps you make someone take on their way to the checkout, the greater the chance they will abandon you before they buy. Simplicity is the key so show them how easy it is to solve a problem and watch your conversion rate explode.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer