Do companies value SEO enough?

While search engine optimization remains as critical to your success as it ever has, there seems to be a current trend where many companies are not valuing SEO as they likely should. SEO remains one of the greatest marketing weapons at any company’s disposal yet too few seem to value it as they should. In a recent survey done by portfolio company, Visual Objects, it seems that companies are focusing on a multitude of things. The following is taken directly from the marketing survey:

  • Visual Objects surveyed 500 small business owners in the U.S. and found that small business owners are not prioritizing search engine optimization (SEO) and are instead increasing their investment in social media campaigns and websites.
  • Fewer than one-quarter of small businesses (21%) plan to use SEO more in 2020.
  • Nearly three-fourths (70%) of small businesses plan to increase their social media investment in 2020 to reach a wider audience, despite social media’s low conversion rate.
  • Surprisingly, nearly one-third of small businesses (29%) plan to begin using a website for the first time in 2020. All businesses should have a website.
  • One-quarter of small businesses (25%) plan to begin using digital marketing in 2020. Even low-effort digital marketing can help small businesses gain a competitive edge.
  • Only 21% of small businesses plan to use SEO more in 2020, which could indicate a loss in customers. Instead, businesses are focusing on their social media tactics. Almost three-quarters of small businesses (70%) plan to increase their social media investment. Businesses want to be more engaged and in-touch with their social media audience even though social media doesn’t usually result in high conversion rates.
  • Small businesses do not focus enough attention on SEO and could be losing valuable customers. Only 21% of businesses plan to increase their SEO investment in 2020. More than half of internet users (61%) will research a product online before purchasing it. A business must rank highly in search engines to appear to most users, though. Google’s first five search results receive almost 70% of people’s clicks, while the second page of Google search only receives 5% of clicks.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer