How to effectively measure your SEO strategy’s ROI

z333  Trying to get a proper handle on your return with regard to your SEO strategy can be a tricky thing. Whether you are attempting it yourself or you have taken on a professional agency, the variables can be tough. SEO is a long term strategy and getting some ROI data is not always easy and efficient. There are, however, some signposts to keep in mind with regard to any measurement you are attempting.

Keep a close eye on your search results…

Examining closely how each of your pages are doing search wise is a good place to start to try and measure your effectiveness. Now, you can try and SEO every one of the pages on your website but that would be a long and consuming process. Check out the visits each page is getting and evaluate that traffic with regard to your future optimizing.

Also, organic search success is critical to your long term SEO marketing success. Google Analytics will be able to show you exactly how your organic traffic is doing. This will show you how many potential customers are actually searching for you and are clicking through to spend time at your site. This is a number to keep close watch on to see which direction is travels every month.

Watching how your content, keywords, links and conversions are performing…

Don’t ignore your rankings and how they are improving or diminishing. There is no need to check them everyday but do check them. How is your content doing with regard to readership and comments? Determine the type of content that is performing the best and keep cranking that out whether it is blog articles, infographics, or videos.

See what links you are getting from other sites and be sure that your back links are quality and that they are up to date. Dump the ones that are not performing for you and explore and test others that may. You just may find that as you increase your authority through your content and steady SEO marketing strategy, that you will constantly be attracting new links to your site.

Finally, it is, really, all about the sales. Remember, that is why you are in business – to make money. All of your SEO marketing and your entire website must be devoted exclusively to turning that traffic into sales. If it is not happening, it is time to re-evaluate everything and see where you need to improve.

 – Written by Kevin Sawyer