Why you really need professionals to handle your SEO


Search engine optimization has become so crucial to the survival of your business that you really can’t do it by yourself anymore. Sure, you could get an intern because you’re looking to save money. But, what are really saving? SEO marketing is the future of your company. It is an investment in your future, not a cost. There are many reasons you really need to turn over your day to day SEO management to a professional firm.

It’s hard and it’s increasingly mobile…

Search has become, more and more, a mobile affair. Over 80% of all searches are done on a mobile device and 75% of potential customers will find you on a mobile search. Also, mobile is all business. If they are looking for you there, they are pulling the trigger. Mobile traffic converts to sales 15 times the number that desktop or laptop searches do.

Also, SEO marketing is no easy thing. You need to concentrate on your business and your teenage niece who has a Facebook page will be useless to you. Successful SEO efforts take a tremendous amount of time to get right. You can’t just read an article and think you can effectively do it. What are you doing about your local SEO? Do you know what the Google gods are up to? Do you have the professional equipment and seasoned writers to create engaging video content? What about your written content? Who’s handling your social media platforms? Are you working to optimize all of your other ranking factors like social or RankBrain?

Amateur mistakes will kill you and the SEO landscape and rules are like quicksand…

No matter what you may think you know about SEO, it will be different next week. It is really a full time effort and Matt Cutts keeps on issuing algorithm changes at a furious rate. Don’t know who Matt Cutts is? That’s just another reason you need a pro handling your SEO. RankBrain has become a serious ranking factor and Google didn’t bother to mention it for many months. Again, you have your business to run and can’t spend all of your time monitoring what is going on. Also, your rookie and amateur mistakes will cost you in credibility and rankings. Are you keyword stuffing? Are your backlinks even credible? Are you cloaking? Are you reusing content?


You don’t have the tools, and you don’t have the raw data…

Not your fault you probably don’t have the tools or the ability to gather and analyze the raw data that is constantly coming in. You may think that Google Analytics is the greatest tool ever but there are far more advanced programs out there that can really discover where you are and where you need to go. The pros invest their time and their money on these critical tools in an effort to get you to where you want your business to be. Also, just because you can look at some analytics, doesn’t mean that you know what they say or know where you need to go in the future. Besides, do you really have that kind of time?

Your ROI will surge and you will really know what your rivals are up to…

You will see your ROI make a huge surge after you have brought on some professionals to handle your SEO marketing efforts. They know how to drive traffic and they know what you need to do to turn that traffic into conversions. They know where your potential clients and customers are and they know how to reach them effectively. They are also fully capable of analyzing your competitors as thoroughly as they can analyze you. Taking on a professional firm to handle one of the most critical aspects of your business can only be a positive thing for you. Once again, it’s not a cost. It’s an investment in your future.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer