Time to recalculate your SEO strategy

The ever changing SEO landscape is just that – ever changing. If you are not ahead of it then you are working from behind. No business wants to constantly be two touchdowns behind their rivals. It isn’t so much that customer search habits are changing all that rapidly but more the way in which the search engines are crawling sites. So, here is the latest intel you will need going forward.

  • The first trend you need to pay attention to is that there are some good search engines out there that you need to be playing to. Why is the self styled search engine god suddenly an obnoxious sounding verb? Why not Bing it? Why not Duck Duck Go it? Similarly, your keyword research needs to take into consideration Apple and Amazon. Apple’s app store is huge and Amazon seems to be where most are headed when they need something. About 90% of all search browsing today is being done on apps and nearly 70% of all searches are being done from a mobile device. The search engines are wide awake to these things and so should your SEO efforts.
  • Your ranking and your customer use experience has become dependent upon speed. If you are loading in more than two seconds, then they are going somewhere else. Google especially pays attention to speed because it searches mobile first. Also, if you have yet to adapt to voice search, you are already way behind. Voice search is no longer a trend but a entrenched fact of SEO life. Your voice keywords must range from single words to spoken phrases. Make this adjustment and your rankings and traffic should increase steadily over time.
  • Structured data, the complete organization of all data flowing though your website, will be crucial in the near and long term future. The info that is there along with your meta tag is your structured data and is what the search engines key on. These are just a few of the latest tends affecting search that you need to be abreast of so that your SEO strategy can make adjustments and boost your traffic well into the future.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer