Top media trends to watch for in 2014 from the other Zuckerberg

1227_zuckerberg_630x420          In April of 2014, Randi Zuckerberg presented a seminar in New York City concerning the top social media and digital trends most likely to seriously impact digital marketing strategies over the course of 2014.

Zuckerberg, sister of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, is an accomplished entrepreneur in her own right. She formally held the post of Director of Market Development at Facebook. In late 2011, she left Facebook to found her own company known as Zuckerberg Media. The company specializes in producing content and shows. She has worked with such clients as the Cirque du Soliel, Conde Nast, and the United Nations. She is a graduate of Harvard as well as the author of Spark Your Career inAdvertising. In 2010, the Hollywood Reporter placed her on their list of the “Top 50 Digital Power Players”.

 So, what trends does Zuckerberg say we need to pay attention to for 2014?

  •  Wearable technology will continue to gain ground. About 15% of the population already sports such technology and she sees this expanding. Smart technology will begin to expand into nearly all industries especially automobiles.
  • Reviews and endorsements will continue to evolve. Hashtags will become more prominent as promotional tools and positive reviews and endorsement should be a major priority for all social media strategists.
  • She hopes that people, especially young adults and teens, will begin to embrace what she calls “the Joy of Missing Out”. While important, she hopes social media and technology does not overwhelm people and cause them miss out on things they should be embracing in life. For example, her family is digital free on Saturday mornings. She states that it was rough to get it going and adopted but everyone thinks it a worthwhile endeavor now.
  • She believes that the connections you nurture are of high value. Stay connected and continue to network. She gives the example of casino giant Caesar’s Palace. The casino will give you points if you will send out positive buzz via Facebook and Twitter as well as other social media.
  • Images are becoming critical. She notes that anything you send out into the pipeline should have some manner of video, graphic, or photo attached to it. Underestimating the power of visual presentation would be a mistake, she warns.