What content is getting B2B results?

The challenges faced by a B2B company may not be quite the same as the retailers and the B2C’s, but when it comes to content marketing there are certain strategies that work better for some than for others. There has been some recently published research that has discovered what seems to be driving the most traffic for B2B companies as their marketing has begun to gather more sophistication. One company, BrightTALK, specialaizes as a B2B demand marketing platform and has released research findings with regard to what seems to be the most effective content used by B2B companies.

  • What they found was that of all of the professionals they interviewed, 91% of professionals reported that webinars were working the best for them with regard to being their most preferred learning format. Over half of those professionals, 54%, stated that they were highly engaged with webinars as a way to educate themselves and to keep up with industry news and practices. The professionals interviewed said they watch at least on a weekly basis with many watching a webinar or two every day.

  • In addition to the webinars that professionals engage in, they are also heavily engaged with industry articles (61%), white papers (48%), and blog posts (42%). What seems to engage these professionals the most is the video content provided by B2B companies that they are looking to learn about.
  • When surveyed regarding what professionals sought out and enjoyed the most about B2B content, the winners were:

Tips, tricks, and best practices – 70%

Industry trends and predictions – 62%

How-to / 101 explanations – 61%

Expert interviews – 60%

Solution case studies – 59%

Data insights and original research – 55%

In the end, video content seems to be working the best for B2B companies with regard to overall engagement. Webinars in particular, seemed to be the most effective so include them in you normal rotation of content.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer