Why social media B2B vids are your future

Taking advantage of social media as a B2B company is not something most B2B companies seem to consider. Those that do, seem to dismiss it as being rather low brow and fit only for the B2C companies. Video is one of the most potent marketing weapons any company has these days regardless of size. Here is why your B2B needs to start using this weapon and why you need to do it yesterday.

  • For those who are veterans of the B2B world, you know that it is a long game. The short, hard sell doesn’t work in B2B world like it so often can in the B2C reality. What video allows B2B’s to do is to tell stories that highlight the company, the experienced personnel and the problem solving success it has had over the years. These videos can educate potential clients with regard to how you will solve a problem and make their business more competitive.
  • The use of video also allows you to leverage the mobile movement as over 60 percent of all searches are now done on a mobile device especially cell phones. It is a huge potential audience you simply can’t ignore. Here is some recent data published at Entrepreneur Magazine:

57% of LinkedIn users are accessing it via their mobile devices

94% of B2B marketers are publishing their content on the site

Video posts on LinkedIn are five times more likely to generate user comments

80% of B2B leads generated by social media traffic originates on LinkedIn


  • It becomes easy to establish a deep connection with potential customers by giving them a look behind your company as well as being able to show them success stories via engaging video case studies. It will allow you to highlight methods and tools used to bring these case studies to successful conclusions. Video also provides a powerful way for you to get these successful case studies to do promotional reviews for you that will give you the added weight and authority you need to dominate within your industry.
  • One last advantage to producing B2B videos is that it gives your sales people another tool, another arrow in their quiver, to help lure in potential clients. Fashion them after a commercial and broadcast them at LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. Keep them less than 90 seconds long. You just may find that business will be booming quite soon especially if your rivals are dismissing this powerful marketing tool.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer