Your blog is still your best lead generator

z147 While your SEO marketing strategy continues to show measurable results, you may be underestimating one of the most effective weapons you have with regard to lead generation. Your bolg, especially if you are a B2B company, is proving to be the most formidable tool you have. Recent research has been suggesting for quite some time that those small businesses involved in B2B lead generation are finding that their company blog is pulling far more than it weight in solid, actionable, leads.

  •  Almost 80% of all B2B businesses currently have a blog and are maintaining it and updating it frequently. Not only is this generating leads, but is greatly helping their SEO marketing efforts as Google considers quality, updated content to be one of the leading factors in any company’s search results.
  • Research continues to state that the B2B companies that maintain blogs are having far more success than those rivals that don’t have a blog at their website. In fact, those companies that maintain a blog find that they are generating nearly 70% more solid leads than their competitors who don’t have a blog.
  • In general, almost 70% of consumers and business owners actually read blogs on a regular basis and the information imparted carries great weight with regard to where they will spend their money. The SEO marketing specialists at most B2B companies, as well as at SEO marketing firms in general, know that blogs continue to pull in business.
  • One SEO marketing finding has been quoted stating that over 70% of potential B2B and B2C customers actually prefer reading the blogs over a company’s advertising. The blogs are building trust and credibility and providing potential customers and clients with information of value to them without the hard sell.
  • Other research done on the 18-34 year old demographic reveals that well over 80% of this age group find blogs useful and an important tool in their decision making chain. To get an even bigger boost from your blog, do everything you can to get your posts shared across all of your social media platforms.

Your blog will continue to be a potent factor in your SEO marketing and ranking. If you have one, make sure you have someone dedicated to writing and updating regularly. A blog that is rarely updated is as useless as not having a blog at all. If you can’t do it, hire a seasoned and professional SEO marketing firm to do it for you. It will be a lead generation investment you will be glad you made.