Make those SEO updates work for you

When search god Google decides to fix something that isn’t broken with a new algorithm, many small businesses tend to go into an immediate panic. And rightly so. Building and executing a successful business these days is tough enough without Google continually trying to punch your SEO marketing efforts in the face. However, there are some strategies that will allow you to take advantage of these SEO updates so that your visibility thrives rather than having your site drop from the SERP radar.

  • The first thing is to pay special attention to your content be it written or video. Your content must be engaging as well as authoritative. You need to establish yourself as an expert and authority in your field or industry. This builds trust in those that visit your business. If people feel they can trust you, they will do business with you. Have your content show your visitors how you are different and better than your rivals. Make them believe that you are the only business that can get them to where they want to be. Google loves those brands that exhibit authority, trust and competence.

  • Branding is everything for Google. Establish your brand and be consistent with it and be sure that you are visible everywhere especially across the social media platforms. Make sure your About page is strong and comprehensive. Your About page needs to one of the strongest commercials you have for your brand. Gather customer testimonials and spread them out everywhere your marketing is reaching out to. Written testimonials with photos are great but video testimonials are even better and more authoritative. Google loves authority.
  • With authority comes backlinks. Google loves these things. However, too many companies just go after them just to have them. This ends up hurting them. Try instead to go after fewer, but higher quality, links. This will increase your authority and enable you to rank higher with Google regardless of the update they install.

-Written by Kevin Sawyer